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Spain and Bulgaria have started their participatory processes

December 2015



Agora and Facepa Associations began in September participatory process with a group of young people who are trained in the Foundation Els tres Turons in Barcelona.

The 20 young adults are actively involved in the discussion of issues such as budget, bank accounts, online scams, and others.

In each session the young revised existing material on the chosen topic and then form interactive groups where both on the topics discussed how to work on new proposals so that content more interesting for future working groups,  and ultimately for institutions to develop Financial Literacy sessions for young adults.

When we asked what they think of the project tell us “Each EDUFIN session is very interesting because we learn things we did not know about finance.”

(Bryan, Barcelona)

For its part, Amalipe has held two sessions with a group of young Roma women. The first was held on October 1, 2015, in the premises of the “P.Hilendarski” primary school in the village of Gorna Oryahovitza. The meeting was attended by 15 people – young Roma women, Tanya Vanova and Desislava Stefanova ( Amalipe CIDT) “. For three hours, the participants had the opportunity to discuss what financial education and why it is important. Participants completed a questionnaire in which they indicated several financial education topics that are interesting and important for them and for those who want more information.

Partner CSFVM from Italy is also about to start their participative process with a new work group team.

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