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National Event for the recruitment of 15 young adults in Spain

Last December it was held in La Verneda School a second National Event for the creation of a new national work team in order to start another participatory process organised by Àgora and Facepa.

Participatory process in Bulgaria: First sessions

On October 1 in the building of primary school “P. Hilendarski” in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria was set the start of a series of meetings – discussions with young parents in a situation of social risk on EDU_FIN project .


Participatory process in Bulgaria: First sessions

The meetings were attended by young Roma women, who enthusiastically discussed what financial literacy is and why it is important. Participants completed a questionnaire in which they indicated various topics in financial literacy that were interesting and important to them and who wished to obtain more information. Among the topics were: Insurance and insurance type, entrepreneurship and how to start your own business, to whom we turn when we are not happy with a service; how to plan your family budget, how to increase their income and others.

Five meetings were held until January 2016, within which with the assistance of the participants were developed financial literacy issues that will form the future curriculum on financial literacy.