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Participatory process in Italy

After a National Event organised for the recruitment of young adults for the national work teams, a group of 25 young adults were selected in order to participate in the participatory process in Fondazione Hallgarten Franchetti – Centro Studi Villa Montesca.

The organisation held an introductory meeting with the 25 participants and some members of the organisations already involved in order to provide useful information about the meaning of Participatory process.


The Fondazione Hallgarten Franchetti – Centro Studi Villa Montesca adopted an inclusive approach by presenting the importance of the financial literacy in relation to different level of marginalisation, vulnerability and social hardship, giving the floor to the participants asking them to define the term “financial literacy”.


The participants reported not being involved in these types of participatory processes before and that they felt that they had learned a lot about working in group, sharing ideas, actively participate in a educative path, having an active role in co-defining financial needs and in co-creating the contents for a “European financial curriculum”.