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The EDU-FIN Final Seminar in Brussels

The last June 29th the consortium presented the Methodology and the Curriculum, main results of the EDU-FIN Project in the Representation of Lower Saxony in the European Union (Brussels).

It was a very exciting Final Seminar with the participation of EDU-FIN participants, the project partners and a big support from the EAEA members.


Seminar’s welcome by Hike Altona, Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs health, gender mainstreaming and integration.


Anna Reyes, an EDU-FIN participant from Àgora (Spain) and part of the EDU-FIN Assessor Pannel, summarised the project and presented the main EDU-FIN results.


Round table with participants, educator and researchers. From left to right: Jane Watts, Warwick University; Joyce Black, EBSN Board Member; Eveline Gundolf, project manager Tafie Production School (NGO); Manfredi Treggiari, project assistant – Fondazione Hallgarten Franchetti CSVM; Susana Moreno, Àgora Association Board Member.


More than 80 people attended the EDU-FIN Final Seminar in Brussels.


Liliana Rodrigues, Member of the European Parliament presented the European context.


Austrian trainer and stakeholder who participated in the EDU-FIN Project explaining the need for connection between Young adult organisation and the projects like EDU-FIN to ensure Young adults Access to Financial programs.


Susana Moreno, Participant from La Verneda Adult School explaining the importance of including the voice of the learners in the elaboration of the curriculum in Adult Education.