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Map Marker designed by <a href="">Venkatesh Aiyulu</a> from the <a href="">Noun Project</a>The EDU-FIN project (2014-2016) aims to meet the real needs of young low-skilled adults – 18-34 years old without compulsory education – on financial education.



Throughout the project a curriculum on financial education will be created, this program will be developed with the active participation of the beneficiaries themselves using the participatory process. The creation of this program is important because in the future it could be implemented in national education systems in Europe and thereby creates a new line of innovative and contemporary education.



  • Nowadays financial markets are increasingly complex and for this reason citizenship needs to be informed and critical. This way they can make key decisions to improve different aspects of their life, not only from a financial optic.
  • Financial education is closely related to the acquisition of basic skills promoted by the European population in order to achieve the 5 target objectives of the Europe2020 strategy.
  • Studies show that the level of financial literacy is low in certain demographic groups such as young adults at risk and shockingly there are currently few projects which are specially focused on this issue.
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