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Participatory Process


For the recruitment of young adults for the national work teams partners from Àgora and FACEPA from Spain, CSFVM from Italy, Amalipe from Bulgaria and the Danube University Krems from Austria organise different events in each country in order to establish five national work teams consisting of 15 young adults who will participate in the participatory process at the level of each country institutions. In total, 75 young adults are directly involved in the development of the project for the collection of information to stablish a financial education curriculum as well as the methodology.


The participatory process will be focused on an educational framework oriented to the critical thinking with the aim of obtaining the actual contribution of the young adults.

In this sense, the participatory process will consist of the development of seven sessions of 2 hours duration where addressed issues related to financial literacy. The topics of discussion depart from those included in the nationals and comparative study, although other topics provided by the young adults themselves if they justify their importance.


After the participative process, each partner will elaborate a report in order to collect the participatory process as well as the results and benefits among the national work teams. At the end, the partners involved in the participative processes will develop the financial education curriculum addressed to young adults after the validation of the contents by the assessor panel.


This space will expose the development of participatory processes in all partner’s countries with every national work team. There will be information from Austria, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain about the topics of discussion in every session and country.

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