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Project Summary


EDU-FIN (2014-2016) is financed with the support of the European Comission under the Erasmus + Cooperation for innovation and good practices programme, over a period of two years, starting September 2014 until August 2016. The project is a partnership between seven European partners.


  • Carry out a comparative study on financial education programmes in the partnership countries.
  • Develop a methodology: Collect the participatory process followed in the organizations in a methodology that could be afterwards implemented in other organizations working with young adults.
  • Develop a Curriculum on financial education addressed to young adults, which will be the result of the participatory process carried out at the national level, in each of the participating institutions.
  • Organize transnational and national seminars to disseminate the methodology and curriculum among young adults, organizations directly working with young adults at risk and public administration.
  • Carry out meetings with young organizations, organizations directly working with young adults at risk and public administration in order to guarantee the sustainability of the curriculum and the methodology abroad.


There are three expected results:

  •  Acquisition of basic competences:

During the implementation of the project and through national work teams of young adults, young people at risk of social exclusion will be able to develop key competences for lifelong learning, acknowledged by the European Union and described on EU documents such as the Europe2020 strategy, the European Youth strategy or the European training strategy.

  • Employability and mobility:

As a consequence, young adults at risk will increase their opportunities of labour and social inclusion. Participation and involvement of young adults at risk in the elaboration of the curriculum is intended to be the entrance door to lifelong continued education in order to get the degrees they currently lack of.

  • Promotion of the independence and autonomy of young adults

As a consequence, by empowering young people at risk through giving them training opportunities that increase their level of education, we are also promoting their individual autonomy and their personal independence.

The impact of EDU-FIN is expected to be multilateral. Thus, the PARTNERS of the project will be able to create a new line of educational work and to provide academic training to a group specifically targeted social and educational at risk. YOUNG ADULTS AT RISK will benefit from an educational program that meets real needs both educational and financial. The ORGANIZATIONS WORKING DIRECTLY WITH ADULTS at social and educational risk, first will be able to develop a wider range of educational training in financial literacy and basic skills and moreover, through the application of the methodology of participatory processes will favor the inclusion of different voices within their organization. Finally, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION and different STAKEHOLDERS will be able to have the opportunity to implement the Curriculum in the national education system and thus expand access for groups at social and educational risk to the financial education.

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