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According to the OECD, financial education is defined as “the process by which financial consumers/investors improve their understanding of financial products, concepts and risks and, through information, instruction and/or objective advice, develop the skills and confidence to become more aware of financial risks and opportunities, to make informed choices, to know where to go for help, and to take other effective actions to improve their financial well-being”[1].

From this definition one can extrapolate that one of the important aspects of financial education lies in the fact that it familiarizes citizens with financial issues, which nowadays are severely complex and unstable. Therefore, it is very important to educate citizens in a way that financial education may be one of the basic skills that they can gain in a national education system.

From different fields has been highlighted and sought to promote the importance of financial education in order to introduce it in the current agenda of both politicians and the public opinion.



[1] OCDE, «Improving Financial Literacy: Analysis of Issues and Policies», 2005.

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