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The EDU-FIN Curriculum


Curriculum on financial education addressed to young adults

Curriculum on financial education

A participative process has been developed for the planning and the development of a financial literacy curriculum based on the inclusion of the voices of young adults at risk. In order to include the voice of the most excluded, the methodology used in this project has been the communicative methodology. This methodology is based on the principles of equality, inclusion and relevance of all participants. Therefore, this  methodology ensures the involvement and active participation of the target group in all the stages of this project, from the initial ones to the management and project evaluation. Participative process ensures that everybody’s voice is heard, and all participants can feel that their ideas and needs are important.


Do young adults have their financial education needs covered?

They will!

As the Financial education Curriculum is the result of the participatory process that each participating institutions carried out during the project, all partners compiled the information needed in order to prepare a report which aims to collect the main demands in financial literacy expressed by young adults. These reports are the starting point to elaborate the curriculum addressed to young adults.

The curriculum elaborated responds to the specific needs and demands of the young adults at the time of completion of the project, but these needs and demands can vary over time. For this reason, there will be a specific space on this website for its regular updating, in order to include new contributions from young adults to the curriculum.

The curriculum is already available in English (pdf)! The EDU-FIN CURRICULUM


The EDU-FIN Curriculum will be available in other languages soon in this website.



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