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The Comparative Study


Comparative study on financial education programmes in the partnership countries

The Comparative Study is a report where we analyse different programs that have been used in each partner country and the EU. The idea is to do a report that suggest us the best practices and the curriculum topics that can be the base of the participative processes.

This comparative study has two main objectives. On the one hand, to collect recommendations for the realization of programs and curriculums focused on financial literacy conducted by international institutions. On the other hand, systematize existing financial education programs. Special emphasis will be specifically into systematize those recommendations on financial education programmes for young adults at risk of social exclusion.This comparative study will get the information framework in financial education needed to develop a financial education curriculum addressed to young adults at risk.

The process for obtaining this comparative study will be conducted in two phases. In the first phase, carried out at the national level, all the partnerships will collect and systematize programs in financial education that already are being carried out in each of their territories. At this point it is important for the systematization to focus on the target group, young adults in a situation of social risk. As a result of this first phase there will be developed six national studies on existing financial education programmes.

After that the second phase will consist in analyzing and systematizing the topics and common contents to all the programs of financial literacy analyzed and gathered in the different national studies. As result of this second phase there will be developed a comparative study on financial education programmes.


The EDUFIN Comparative Study

At this stage of the development of the EDUFIN project, all partners have finished their National Studies, reporting the results of the research on existing financial education programmes in each country. All of the National Reports are already available in English here.

EDUFIN_Comparative Study

The Synthesis Report of the comparative study translated into all languages of the partnership will be available soon. The English version can be found below.

Booklet for learners


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